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      Welcome to the 2024 Pantheon Racing Team Homepage! Our 30th year of existence! This page will highlight the results, activities, races, etc. that 
      we might encounter throughout the year. We thank you for visiting our page! Check back often for up to date schedules, results, and training data.

The 6 members of the Pantheon Racing Team include:

Brant Armentrout

         (Wake Forest University - 1995) - Moved back to Winston-Salem in July, 2002 and is busy being a father. Finished 1st marathon
          in Philadelphia in 2007 and now part of a WORLD RECORD setting treadmill relay team! Inducted into Mt Tabor HS hall of fame in 2015!

2024 mileage to date: 107 miles (thru 05/26/2024)
2023 total  959 miles
E-mail Brant at brant@thepantheon.org

Kyle Armentrout

      (Wake Forest University - 1995) Living in Winston-Salem, NC. Running very consistently once again and doing well. Kyle and Colleen have 3 kids now.
      Inducted into Mt Tabor HS hall of fame in 2015!

2024 mileage to date: (cross training)  miles (thru 05/26/2024 )
2023 total - unknown
E-mail Kyle at kyle@thepantheon.org

Mike Brooks

      (North Carolina State University - 1996) Living in Raleigh, NC,  Has 3 children and still running consistently as always.

2024 mileage to date:  miles (thru 01/07/2024)
Consistently running 40-55 miles a week
2023 total  - unknown
E-mail Mike at mike@thepantheon.org

Ron Skufca

      (University of Virginia - 1992) - Only three-time winner of the Race Judicada at the WFU Law School.
      Married to Silvia Cardosa. Currently living and working in Charlotte, NC. Parents of 3 children

2024 mileage to date: 46.75 miles + Bike miles - (thru 05/26/2024)
2023 totals - unknown
E-mail Ron at ron@thepantheon.org
Visit Ron's Law Firm at www.skufcalaw.com

Vince Howard

      (University of North Carolina - 1992) Finished his MBA at Wake Forest University in May 2000. Final Pantheon runner to
      graduate from Wake Forest after 11 years of having at least one Pantheon team runner enrolled in Wake Forest University.
      Parents of 2 children,  Moved back to Greensboro, NC in November 2005 as well!

2024 mileage to date:  miles (thru 01/07/2024)
2023 totals - unknown, but running 3-4 days a week, biking, playing tennis and pickleball
E-Mail Vince at vince@thepantheon.org

Scott Walschlager

      (Indiana State University - 1987) - The elder statesman, PR director, and homepage editor...all in one, now back living in Indiana after 25 years away,
      finished his first ultra marathon (52 miles) 6/21/14 in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Went over 87,000 career miles in Mrch, 2024

2024 mileage to date: 501.5 miles  (thru 05/26/2024)
2023 total 1106.5 miles
85,000 miles reached 5/14/22
80,000 miles reached 12/29/2017
70,000 miles reached 9/29/09
60,000 miles reached 1/18/05
50,000 miles reached 12/10/00
E-mail Scott at marathnr@thepantheon.org

What is The Pantheon?

      The Pantheon Racing Team formed in the summer of 1994, when a group of collegiate and ex-collegiate runners began running as a group, meeting at Wake Forest University
      each night. The name "Pantheon" was suggested by summer of 1994 runner Adam Heaney. The group liked the name and thus chose "Pantheon" to be the team name.

      The team was originally headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, but is now spread throughout the US. Mike Brooks lives in the Raleigh area, Vince Howard has moved back to
      Greensboro, NC and can now train at Salem Lake once again, Kyle moved back to Winston-Salem in March, 2009. Brant moved back to Winston Salem in July, 2002,
      Ron lives in Charlotte and maintains a branch there, while Scott lives in central Indiana now and maintains this page
      The team consists of ex-collegiate runners pursuing excellence in running. Each Pantheon runner works full time, and 5 of the 6 Pantheon runners even have kids!
      (so we don't just run all the time).

Team Photo

      Team photo of the Pantheon in better days....(the thinking man's pose) taken October 12th, 1996 after the Furman invitational in Greenville, SC. 
        Kneeling (L to R) Ron Skufca, Kyle Armentrout, Scott Walschlager. Standing (L to R) Vince Howard, Brant Armentrout, Mike Brooks.

Pantheon Race Results and News

On tap this week.....(May 27th - June 2nd, 2024)

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Pantheon team places 3rd at 2004 Hood to Coast!

      Pantheon runners Brant (Driver), Mike, Kyle, and Scott were members of the "Rabid Dog" 3rd place team at this year's 198 mile Hood to Coast Relay in
      Portland, Oregon! The team was made up primarily of former Wake Forest University runners (some who are Pantheon runners also).
      The team finished the 198 mile race in 18 hrs., 31 min.
      Team photos HERE

Pantheon runners 5th at 2003 Hood to Coast!

      Pantheon runners Mike, Kyle, Brant, and Scott were members of the "Rabid Dog" 5th place team at this year's 196 mile Hood to Coast Relay
      in Portland, Oregon! The team was made up primarily of former Wake Forest University runners (some who are Pantheon runners also).
      The team finished the 196 mile race in 19 hrs., 11 min. and 44 seconds, finishing 28 minutes behind the winning team. All four Pantheon
      runners contributed heavily to the success of this team. PHOTOS HERE!

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Pantheon Records

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This Week in Pantheon History (TWIPH notes)

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Pantheon Racing Schedule

"Racing soon in a town near you!"

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